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Sophie Doell Photo Art

Noblesville, IN


Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me. I have loved photography ever since I was given my first camera, a Yashiga rangefinder, when I was about 10 years old. A whole new world opened up for me through the camera lens. I loved being able to capture what I saw and sharing it with others. I learned about the mechanics of photography mostly through trial and error, as most kids learn to do things. I would go to the library and borrowed books on photography. I loved Ansel Adams' work, and dreamed of one day being able to create images with such impact on the viewers.

When I took a photography class in high school, I learned to use photography as an art form. It empowered me to communicate to the world through the images I create. I discovered that through photography, I can touch people in ways that words sometimes fail to do. Photography then became more than just a hobby. It became a way for me to interact with people, like talking and singing, a way for me to express myself.

I continued in the art of photography for many years. As I journeyed through life and became a wife and mother, and as the responsibility and expense of raising children grew, the resources and time I have for photography gradually diminished. A quarter of a century flew by, my children grew up, and so I found myself with time for photography again.

It has been fun learning from many generous photographers more advanced than I am. I still have a lot more to learn, and nothing would give me more joy than to keep learning about photography, to take more photographs, and share what I see through the lens with the world.

So, thank you for coming to my website and allowing me to touch you in some way. I hope you will come along with me as I continue to develop as an artist who paints with light.



Sunset at Morse Lake by Sophie Doell


Stormy Sunset at Blacktail Plateau by Sophie Doell


Storm Clouds Over Devils Tower by Sophie Doell


Firehole Falls by Sophie Doell


Badlands Wild Sunflowers by Sophie Doell


Devils Tower at Sunset and Moonrise by Sophie Doell


Fiery Sunrise at Glacier National Park by Sophie Doell


Two Medicine Lake Sunrise by Sophie Doell


Smoky Sunset by Sophie Doell


Majestic Reflection by Sophie Doell


Sunset in Yellowstone Grand Canyon by Sophie Doell


Under the Golden Canopy by Sophie Doell


Sunrise Lake Rendezvous by Sophie Doell


Rock House at Hocking Hills OH by Sophie Doell


Downtown St Louis Old Courthouse by Sophie Doell


Downtown St Louis by Sophie Doell


Cloudy Sky Over Kansas City by Sophie Doell


Atlanta City Lights by Sophie Doell


Meditative Sunset by Sophie Doell


Nashville Night Life by Sophie Doell


Hard Rock Cafe Nashville by Sophie Doell